Training for newcomers

The long-term goal of this training is to provide participants with the tools necessary to become bold self-advocates who are able to support local government in the creation of effective local policies, as well as to support themselves and their communities.


By the end of the training, participants will gain:

  • Knowledge of key local stakeholders, including how to engage with and hold them accountable 
  • An ability to find solutions to common issues that the newcomer community faces
  • An increased understanding of best practices in communication including conflict resolution and persuasion
  • Confidence in their ability to take on active leadership roles in their community 

Target Audience

This training targets newcomers who are refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, or individuals from a migrant background. It is for any individual who is marginalised from being an active member of their host community due to their ethnicity.


The training introduces participants to key local stakeholders working in the refugee integration space, as well as the frameworks and systems that refugees are expected to interact with. Participants then develop problem-solving, communication and leadership skills, which are key to shaping them into active citizens

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