Woaa hey there friend! Hihi, how exciting that someone actually made it to my fundraising page, I was worried there for a while.

So, erhm, *professional baritone activated*, let’s get down to business: Would you mind donating a euro or two?

Why? Oh, yeah right, good question. So, I work for Second Tree, an NGO based in Northern Greece. We’re a tight-knit team of volunteers and refugees, working together to combat stereotypes and biases towards people on the move.

On our Instagram, you’d mostly see cute pics of my students (and yes, I insist they’re still my students, despite the fact I don’t work as an English teacher anymore. I’ve upgraded to the much fancier title Communications & Fundraising Coordinator, beat that). However, English classes are just one of the many things we do: We also run self-advocacy courses and computer classes for adults in the refugee camps and we deliver trainings on our (rather unique) community engagement model to municipalities, organisations and frontline workers all around the world. We also participate in large international projects and were recently awarded the lead role of a huge EU-funded, three-year, 17 partners project – a challenge, for sure, but what a win.

On June 20th, it’s World Refugee Day, and it’s in the name of this joint global effort that I ask you: Would you be willing to help me, Second Tree and the people we work with (for example my dear students Zahra, Rajab, Jamshid, Gulsom, Aziz, Sulaiman, Yahya, Zinat…) in making the world a slightly better, fairer and more equal place? If so, donate here! Any (and I mean any) amount matters.

Thank you so, so much <3

Hugs, Therese


Yahya loves speaking English with his new friends! With 10 euros, you can equip him and 15 other Scouts with notebooks and pencils to tackle their English lessons with confidence!

Zahra loves getting into character and acting! Your 40 euros can give her and 40 other refugee children workshop materials for 2 months, exploring their creativity and emotions. 

Mohammed Ehsan has a new passion for swimming! With 100 euros, you can give him and his fellow Scouts an all-day adventure, fueling their curiosity about the world around them!

Mursal is “crazy happy” when she’s at Scouts! Donating an amount of your choice gives her a programme that sparks her eagerness to learn, granting her the freedom for self-discovery.

Support refugee children growing in our Scouts programme! Your donation gives Yahya, Mursal, and others the freedom to explore themselves and the world outside refugee camps. Make a life-changing impact – donate now!