Youth Project Member

We are looking for volunteers who can lead the development, implementation and expansion of our youth education program.   Currently, the youth programme works with young refugees and asylum seekers across two sites, providing them with a sense of community and experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise receive!

There are some specific applicant requirements, however the most important is to have a strong desire to work with refugees and a commitment to improve the situation for them here in Greece.  Second Tree works in a transparent way in a challenging and changeable situation on the field; therefore, an ability to learn quickly and be open to feedback is vital.

We are looking to recruit people to one of the following four roles within our youth programme, and whilst these should guide applications, imagination and flexibility is encouraged when applying. The roles are:

  • Children’s ESL teacher: responsible for the delivery of the programme’s English classes across two sites.  Classes focus on low level English learning and must be fun and engaging. TEFL/equivalent experience is required.
  • Scout/excursion leader: responsible for leading the weekend excursions for both camps, a highlight of the programme for participants! Excursions are based generally on the Scout model and require an organised, methodical planner who is confident leading groups of children.
  • Arts and crafts specialist: responsible for using knowledge of art, music and practical skills to plan creative workshops within the existing curriculum. Assist the programme lead and scout leader when organising and partaking in excursions.
  • Science/maths specialist: responsible for using knowledge of science and maths to plan creative and engaging workshops within the existing curriculum.  Assist the programme lead and scout leader when organising and partaking in excursions.


You are able to. . .

  • Oversee the delivery of program activities and the completion of vital administrative and logistical tasks
  • Be accountable and efficient, making sure that tasks that you take up are completed in the agreed timeframe
  • Be honest and transparent, being able to give and receive feedback in the most straightforward way
  • Have a strong sense of humor, being able to make fun of yourself is key
  • Care for people, the interests of the people we work with should always be your first concern
  • Instil the values above in the people that work with you
  • Prioritise and delegate tasks effectively, ensuring all deadlines are met
  • Manage individuals effectively to create a positive team environment in which shared problem solving is encouraged
  • Communicate in English, both written and orally
  • Learn quickly, managing a wide-ranging and intense workload

Skills Desired:

  • Experience with teenagers in educational and leisure activities
  • Experience working as a Scout leader or in other leadership roles
  • Knowledge of pedagogical tools and programs suitable for children/vulnerable people.

We offer

  •  Accommodation in a shared house.
  •  Transportation to/from work.
  •  After completion of a three month trial, small monthly expenses refund.

In certain periods of the year, demand is extremely high, and the volunteer houses might be full. If you have the means to pay for your own accommodation, please let us know. We would still be happy to host you if space is available. However, in a situation where the volunteer houses are full, this would allow us to offer a volunteering opportunity to someone that cannot afford to pay rent.

How to apply:

Please send the following to Giovanni Fontana at:

1) Your CV

2) Your cover letter

3) Copy of your qualifications (If applicable)

In your mail, please:

4) Put “Youth Project Candidate” as the subject line

5) Specify the dates you would be available to volunteer (starting date and length)

6) At the end of the email, copy-paste the link of the ad you are responding to

If the application includes all of these we will get back to you in a maximum of 48hs.