The Forest is a dedicated group of monthly supporters united by the same goal: provide education for all

Choose your impact

100€ supports five adult English students for one month. That’s providing students with almost 20 hours of classes per month!

40€ supports one Scout for one month. That’s providing one child with over 20 hours of language classes and well-being activities throughout the month!

20€ supports one adult English student for one month. That’s providing one student with almost 20 hours of classes each month!

10€ supports one Scout on two excursions. That’s providing a child with two chances to go out of the camp and explore their new community at the weekend!

Why Give Monthly

You choose what’s best for you

Monthly giving is for everyone! Choose what works best for you and make a long-lasting impact on refugees’ lives!

You’re making sustainable impacts

Monthly giving helps us expand our programs and invest in integration because we know we have The Forest’s ongoing support.

You’re creating long-term solutions

By providing education and integration opportunities for refugees, you’re creating long-term solutions and changing lives!

Once you’re part of The Forest, you’ll receive
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Our name comes from the proverb:

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now.”

We believe it is never too late to make a difference!