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Project Description

Engaging adolescents can be tough, but it is crucial for their physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development. Through the Youth Scouts program, we have managed to successfully engage this oft-overlooked demographic, giving them a safe space to express and shape their identity, and find a sense of belonging in their new surroundings.

We currently run the program with two groups of Scouts aged 10-19, facilitated by Scout leaders from within the community. Our Scouts belong to over 10 nationalities and all have a passion for outdoor activities and learning!

Our Scout program is designed and implemented by volunteers with a Scouting background, through which teenagers learn teamwork and leadership skills, and develop self-awareness. We aim to empower them as members of their community by giving them responsibilities in the management and organisation of the activities. The excursions also facilitate their integration in Greek society by making them accustomed to the local environment, and enabling them to experience Greece beyond the refugee context.

Visits to the local branch of the Greek Scouting movement and meetings with their local Scout peers serve to increase their sense of belonging here. Our activities provide exposure to many different elements of local society: from exploration of national parks, to visits to cultural spots such as Meteora, to community service activities such as camp and beach clean-ups, to advocacy efforts in the shape of bake sales and ‘Free Hug’ campaigns!

We place learning at the centre of our activities, making attendance in language classes (English or Greek) a mandatory component for their participation!

We are extremely proud that our Scouts promote gender empowerment through the activities, with both boys and girls being represented in the groups, working with each-other collaboratively and making decisions together.

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