Project Description

Our Scouts program has helped more than 100 children stuck in refugee camps develop meaning, routine and identity. Older children are conscious of what displaced them and often lack support systems to help process their trauma. This can lead to anti-social behaviour and a lack of confidence, which also inhibits learning and positive self-development from taking place. 

Our program has demonstrated its ability to create a safe space where young people (8-17 year olds) can feel part of a community and become role models for their peers.

Child participation is at the centre of our approach: peer Scout leaders are responsible for the group, and work with younger Scouts to come up with plans for weekly activities and excursions. They are supported by our team of qualified volunteers, who guide the program and deliver English classes, Greek homework support and Science classes throughout the week.

Families are involved and regularly attend meetings about the program and their child’s participation. This investment in true community engagement has created strong bonds of trust, which have had very practical benefits (e.g. girls now make up more than half of the participants!). We are very proud of our Scouts groups being gender integrated, with both boys and girls taking on leadership positions.

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