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Project Description

The Second Tree Greek Language Program, developed in partnership with the University of Ioannina, focuses on the development of functional language skills in youth and adult refugees (15+), in order to prepare them for integration into the job market. The program works with teaching resources developed by the University of Ioannina, and designed for and tailored to the specific needs of refugee learners. The program’s aim is to prepare the students for the accredited language exam of the Greek Ministry of Education.

Our teaching methodology applies the Communicative Approach in the classroom, which focuses on the development of speaking skills in the target language. In line with Second Tree’s education guidelines, the program is delivered by qualified Greek language teachers who have extensive experience delivering non-formal language classes to refugees in Ioannina, specifically at both Agia Eleni and the Mikri Polis Community Centre.

The program operates in Agia Eleni Refugee Site and the Mikri Polis Community Centre, serving 144 students at two levels (A1 and A2).


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