In Loco Profiles

Open Roles


The Project Manager is the person overseeing the whole project:

– Ensures that partners are implementing the project and its overall quality

– Ensures that the project is meaningful, impactful and in line with RAP values

– Leads project Steering Committees and Transnational Partners Meetings

– Communicates with partners’ coordinators, identifying strengths and weaknesses

– Is the external face of the project, and “selling it” to externals

– Communicates with the EU Commission throughout the project

– Thinks about & seeks avenues to increase the visibility/reputation of the project and its expansion


The Project Support is the information repository and internal focal point:

– Is aware of all communication between partners and Second Tree

– Keeps track of everything that needs to happen, thinks ahead and identifies potential issues

– Makes sure that Project and Financial managers are always aware of the state of the art, especially mishaps

– Is the internal focal point for managers/coordinators who need an update on project/partnership progress

– Participates and shares their knowledge during partners’ meetings


The Financial and Admin Manager is in charge of the financial and bureaucratic aspects of the project:

– Is aware of all due diligence towards the European Commission

– Reviews partners’ compliance with Grant & Partnership Agreement

– Thinks strategically about budget allocation and modifications

– Oversees the partnership’s financial reporting systems and its implementation

– Convenes financial meetings, and oversees the relationship with partners’ financial officers


The Partnership Manager is in charge of overseeing, understanding, and mediating the partner dynamics within the project:

– Oversees partner communications and attends partner meetings

– Ensures partners comply with project commitments and timelines while strategically managing partner relations to maximise the project’s impact and significance

– Is aware of and mediates partner-related issues and communicates closely with the Project Manager

– Manages the Academic Supervisor throughout Work Package 3: Transnational Research and Action

– Manages the Task Force Supervisor throughout the project implementation


The Second Tree Manager will oversee the implementation of ST activities in the project:

– Ensures meaningful and impactful implementation of the Working Packages in Ioannina and the Second Tree context

– Communicates and builds trust with the community and local authorities

– Operationalises ideas with the team and coordinators on how to implement the project locally

– Manages the team of Second Tree project supervisors: Local Implementation Supervisor, Training Supervisor, and Communications Supervisor

– Communicates with the Project Support and Project Manager


The Academics Supervisor will oversee the Transnational Research across all partners and participants:

– Oversees and communicates with partners and individuals involved in Transnational Research, including universities and researchers

– Understands and is the expert on the Transnational Research Work Package; facilitating communication between the various actors throughout the project’s timeline

– Coordinates the search for refugee contacts within and external to Second Tree’s extensive alumni network who can either a) be trained as Refugee Researchers (RRs) or b) participate as interviewees

– Participates in the skills development of RRs and the execution of 200 refugee interviews during workshops and training sessions

TASK FORCE SUPERVISOR (WP5) [Remote] [Part-Time]

The Task Forces Supervisor will oversee the Implementation and Monitoring of Local and Rural Actions Plans across all partners:

– Keeps track of Work Package 5 and the community monitoring developed by Professor Rosamaria Bitetti

– communicating with Rosamaria and relaying information to implementing partners when necessary

– Builds relationships with implementing partners who are organising Task Forces in their territories and assists in supporting the creation of Task Forces

– Attends the Task Forces meetings and coordinates the formalisation of Task Forces’ action plans; facilitating information sharing and the exchange of best practices

– Coordinates with partners before and during the Learning Week in Italy


The Local Implementation Supervisor will oversee Second Tree’s implementation at the local level:

– Coordinates, and ensures the quality of, Second Tree’s activities

– Manages Second Tree staff and its involvement in local implementation

– Facilitates communication between refugees and local authorities

– Creates and helps develop the Task Force in Ioannina

– Organises local events


The Financial and Administrative Supervisor will support in the maintenance of the financial and bureaucratic aspects of the project:

– Manages the EU Portal; updating administrative and bureaucratic needs throughout the project timeline

– Keeps track of all the admin and finance-related activities in the consortium

– Monitors partners’ compliance with EU guidelines, the Grant Agreement, and ongoing reporting; communicating with relevant managers when issues arise

– Addresses budget questions with partners

– Communicates with Managers about allocation and remodulation for Second Tree’s budget

– Prepares and attends financial meetings

COMMS SUPERVISOR (WP7) [Remote] [Part-Time]

The Comms Supervisor will oversee the creation and dissemination of communications content required by Second Tree:

– Is aware of and manages dissemination commitments, as social media posts, newsletters, website updates, and press releases

– Develops strategies to enhance the impact of Second Tree’s content beyond minimum project commitments – Gathers and packages communications content

– Coordinates and implements the dissemination strategy as agreed with partners

– Assists with the dissemination of academic research


The Training Supervisor will be in charge of the training Work Package of the project:

– Develops and delivers the training curriculum in line with Second Tree’s Community Engagement Model and the project’s objectives and audience

– Trains the trainers during the international seminar in Ioannina; supporting in the adaptation of the curriculum to the needs of partners’ particular contexts

– Represents and serves as the expert on the Second Tree community engagement model

– Provide ongoing support and build trust with local trainers through the implementation period