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Fundraising Officer

The Position

Our fundraising mission aims to inspire people to support our quest for change. As Fundraising Officer your role will be to develop and implement fundraising initiatives that maximize income and raise awareness of our work.

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Kindergarten Volunteer (kids 3-10 yo)

The Position

We are looking for volunteers who can provide support in the Kindergarten.

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Qualified English Teacher

The Position

We are looking for volunteer teachers to deliver English classes to refugees and asylum seekers in Ioannina and the Epirus region.

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Teenage Refugee Project Leader

The Position
We are looking for volunteers who can lead the development, implementation and expansion of our youth program that is currently operational in the Agia Eleni refugee camp in Ioannina.

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As a small, grass-roots project, we are dependent on the action of others. There are many ways you can contribute to our work, on the ground or from your home. Have a look and get in touch with your ideas at

Knowledge Sharing

If you are a qualified teacher, Scout leader, youth worker or expert in the field of non-formal education, refugee education and/or integration, you can donate your time, insights and experiences to help us plan lessons, activities and workshops.

Expert Trainings

 If you have the relevant expertise but are unable to commit to long-term volunteering, you can donate your skills in the form of short, on-the-ground trainings for our staff, students and/or community.


 Do you have the skills needed on one of our programs? Are you an all-rounder who is eager to get involved in any way possible? Do you have some time, and a lot of energy and creativity? Come join the team on the ground.


Appreciate our work? To help us maintain it and our long-term volunteers, you can get super creative with fundraising ideas! Could your band play a fundraiser for refugees? How about bringing people together over a bake sale? What about a half-marathon to raise funds in our name? All proceeds go to our operations and ensure we continue to empower those needing it.

Check out our fundraising manual for more ideas!


Donate Today!

No matter the size of the gift, every donation makes a difference and has the power to change a person’s life. We pride ourselves on our ability to make the most out of every dollar donated.